Paul has co-written and co-edited the following books (click on a book to buy or view more information)

SAGE Handbook of Propaganda

The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda is one of the first handbooks ever to cover the newly relevant subject of propaganda from an interdisciplinary and comprehensive perspective. In this edited volume, the editors and contributors cover propaganda all over the globe, fake news and how to counter it, propaganda and how to counter it, and other fascinating topics such as character assassination, information and cyber warfare, the Chinese dream, and peace propaganda. If you want to understand the modern dystopian world of propaganda, look no further than this comprehensive resource on the subject from world class specialists on the subject.

Marketing 5E

Marketing was the first truly integrated print and electronic learning package for introductory marketing modules. Now in its fifth edition, this best-selling textbook comprises: a textbook jam-packed with learning features, combining authority, contemporary cases and practitioner insights, and a lively and engaging writing style together with an extensive range of electronic resources matched perfectly to the content of the textbook, all available on the book’s Ancillary Resource Centre.

Explaining Cameron’s Comeback: The Definitive Guide to the 2015 Campaign

Explaining Cameron’s Comeback analyses hundreds of surveys and focus groups run by Ipsos MORI to make sense of the 2015 election campaign from the voters’ perspective – what they really thought of Cameron and Miliband, what made the 2015 campaign so unusual, why it made sense to go negative in the campaigning despite voters’ claimed dislike of it, and why the pundits read the polls wrong.

Explaining Cameron’s Catastrophe: The Definitive Guide to the 2016 European Referendum

Explaining Cameron’s Catastrophe uses expert analyses of hundreds of surveys and focus groups run by Ipsos MORI to make sense of the UK’s 2016 EU referendum: how we got here; the context, content and process; lessons from 1975; what remain did wrong; why the leave campaign was so successful; voters’ attitudes; and the aftermath. They also show what the 2016 referendum result, and life without the EU, means for the future of the UK.

Fundamentals of Marketing 1E

Incorporating the big brand case studies, unique expert insights, and engaging learning features of the best-selling Marketing by Baines, Fill, and Rosengren, Fundamentals of Marketing 1E is the most complete resource for students looking for a briefer guide to build their theoretical understanding of marketing into skilful practice.

Marketing, Asian Edition

Baines, P.; Fill, C. and Page, K.; Dioux, J. and Tramonte, N. (2012), Le Marketing: Des Fondamentaux À La Pratique Contemporaine, Bruxelles: De Boeck.

Le Marketing: Des Fondamentaux À La Pratique Contemporaine

Baines, P.; Fill, C. and Page, K. (2012), Essentials of Marketing, Oxford : Oxford University Press (with associated DVD)

Essential of Marketing

Following the outstanding success of Baines, Fill and Page’s bestselling textbook, Essentials of Marketing has arrived! Retaining the exciting and dynamic approach Marketing is renowned for, this is the must have textbook for students looking to shine and excel in their marketing studies and future careers.

Propaganda 1:4 (SAGE)

A comprehensive major work on the topic of propaganda studies is required now more than ever. Not least because in the age of the ‘War on Terror’, we’ve witnessed terrorist bombings – suicide and otherwise – all over the world, which are often later accompanied by, and frequently preceded by, the use of propaganda to enhance the feeling of terror amongst the target population.

Political Marketing

Political marketing has developed in parallel with commercial marketing through the course of the 20th century, with the commercial world of marketing informing the worlds of political and referendum marketing, and vice versa.

Explaining Cameron’s Coalition: The Outcome of the 2010 British General Election

Explaining Cameron s Coalition is the first serious analysis of the May 2010 election, and the fourth in a series of books on British general elections to examine contests between the principal political parties from the standpoint not of the players the politicians and their closest observers, the media but from the people, for whom, after all, it’s all about.

Contemporary Strategic Marketing

An extremely fluent and effective text designed to be a complete resource for single semester modules, this new edition has a unique combination of text, case studies. The emphasis is on practicality and the text encourages the student to engage with the debate itself and not just the theory.

Explaining Labour’s Landslip: The 2005 General Election

This book is the first serious analysis of the May 2005 election. Written by expert authors and pollsters from MORI, it uses systematic and objective political research to explain the reduced Labour majority and regional variations. Packed with innovative tables and graphs, it is aimed at the general reader, political pundits and academics alike.

Public Relations: Contemporary Issues and Techniques

Public Relations: contemporary issues and techniques offers a definitive guide to public relations management. It provides comprehensive analysis and explanation of a full range of modern PR techniques, spanning both inhouse and agency practice.

Introducing Marketing Research 

The primary purpose of marketing research is to gather information which will allow your company or organisation to make better, more informed decisions. Many textbooks have been published on marketing research but most are very quantitative and are also too detailed for students taking a one-semester course, they do not focus on important qualitative issues such as depth interviews and focus groups – Baines and Chansarkar redress this imbalance.