An Awarding Body

A specialist awarding body required a training and development programme in strategic marketing for its senior executives to inform the development of its corporate plan. After a three day staff workshop where the fundamentals of marketing planning were outlined in a ‘marketing excellence’ programme, and a session with the organisation’s trustees, the organisation was able to develop detailed marketing and operational plans and a corporate plan outlining its strategic objectives for the next five years.

In later work, Baines Associates was commissioned to consult on how the organisation could reorganise its marketing and research and development functions in order to ensure that a larger number of product and service development initiatives were undertaken in any given year. After extensive interviewing of staff within the organisation, comparison of competitor organisational structures, academic studies on new product and service development, and secondary data studies, we provided a set of options for how the company should reorganise the marketing and research and development teams and made a variety of recommendations as to how the organisation could develop its operations in the light of best practice.