A start-up private jet service

A start-up private jet company operating out of Cranfield airport managed to obtain investor funding to launch a new private jet airline service, principally operating from the UK to Europe at the customer’s choice of time and locations (inbound and outbound). Before the launch, Baines Associates was commissioned to find out about type of flight service potential customers might want, to allow the company to develop a promotional approach to developing awareness of the new service, as well as to custom-design the service to meet customers’ needs.

Through a process of in-depth interviews with potential customers, particularly high net worth individuals, we helped the company identify an important feature of the new service – the use of a new breed of very light jets (VLS), typified by the Cessna Citation Mustang, which were cheaper to purchase, maintain, and operate and which met best with customers’ needs. We recommended that the service be positioned just above first class (in flexibility, comfort, and convenience) and around business class (in terms of in-flight services such as meals and entertainment) when compared to existing scheduled airline services.