Baines Associates Limited is a strategic marketing, executive development and marketing research consultancy firm. The company works with a range of academic and industry consultants to provide marketing solutions to companies and organisations in need of strategic marketing research and consultancy, and executive training / development.


Paul Baines and colleagues have worked for a variety of large, medium and small clients in the private, public and charitable sectors over the last 12 years. A brief selection of these clients are included in the following short case studies.

Executive Development for Universities

Baines Associates have worked extensively with university clients to:  

Large Industrial Company

When a large industrial company required a coach for its

An Awarding Body

A specialist awarding body required a training and development programme

Scoping Studies for a Government Department

When a UK government department wanted scoping studies undertaken to
High tech

A new high-tech start-up company

When one of our clients, a start-up high-tech company, looked

A start-up private jet service

A start-up private jet company operating out of Cranfield airport


We cover many areas of marketing, in particular, we focus on the following areas:

Marketing executive development, training and coaching

Strategic marketing and corporate communications planning

Marketing research and data analytics consultancy